Saturday, 27 October 2007

Large list of Popular Anagrams

Here is a large collection of popular anagrams. Words and phrases unscrambled for you.

Dormitory: Dirty Room

Schoolmaster: The classroom

Elvis: Lives

Clint Eastwood: Old West Action

Western Union: No Wire Unsent

The Country Side: No City Dust Here

Desperation: A Rope Ends It

The Morse Code: Here Come Dots

Slot Machines: Cash Lost in'em

Conversation: Voices Rant On

Heavy Rain: Hire a Navy

Tom Cruise: So I'm Cuter

Mother-in-law: Woman Hitler

Funeral: Real Fun

Snooze Alarms: Alas! No More Z's

A Decimal Point: I'm a Dot in Place

Statue of Liberty: Built to Stay Free

Eleven plus two: Twelve plus one

Mel Gibson: Bong Smile

David Letterman: Nerd Amid Late TV

Howard Stern: Retard Shown

Debit card: Bad Credit

Jennifer Aniston - fine in torn jeans

Charles Bronson - "Has nobler scorn"
(he kills at least 1 person in each of his movies)

Dennis Rodman: Odd in manners
Dennis Rodman = Demon Innard

Adam Sandler: Darn Sad Male

Michael Jordan - major held icon

Drew Carey = Carry Weed

Paris Hilton – Hairpin Slot

Charles Manson- Harmless Canon

Princess Diana = end is a car spin

Elizabeth the First - zebra teeth are filth

T.S. Eliot - toilets

Bill Gates: gets a bill

Alec Guinness: genuine class

President Clinton of the USA: To Copulate he finds interns

United States=Studies at Ten

Sears Tower: Worst Rates

Universal Studios: Industrious slave

Plymouth Rock: Holy muck port

The Great Wall of China: Altogether, chain flaw

Microsoft's Internet Explorer: Complexities front ten errors

Information Superhighway: A Rough Whimper of Insanity

Los Angeles: Legal noses

Australia - Ultra Asia


Houston = hot on us

the public art galleries: large picture halls, I bet

a stick of chewing gum: thing of magic we suck



Late night Chinese food party: Heating the crispy noodle fat

Fried noodles: Defines drool

The Two Towers: throw wet toes

Harry Potter: Hyper Rot Rat

The Matrix - THAT MIXER

Margaret Thatcher - That great charmer

Austin Powers = power us satin

Unforgiven: Fun over gin

Gunfight at the OK Corral: Choking grateful throat

Broken Arrow: A born worker

Escape from Alcatraz: Crap frozen in lame cast

Saturday night fever: Dirty after shave gun

The parallax view: Raw laxative help

Last man standing: Damm satan glints

United states of America: aim it at us, confederates
United States of America: Aim at Confederate Suits

Hillary Clinton - "Richly, ill, no tan"
Hillary Clinton: Only I can thrill

George Dubya - You're Bad Egg
President Bush - Burnished Pest
President W - Newest Drip
George Bush: He bugs Gore
George Bush: Shoe Bugger
George W. bush: where bugs go

Dick Cheney - Needy Chick

Saddam Hussein: Demands of sushi
Saddam Hussein: Sad, Minus Heads
Saddam: Maddass
Saddam Hussain: Humans sad side

John Kerry = Horny Jerk

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Insane Anglo Warlord

Vice President Al Gore: Prerogatives Decline

Mister Newt Gingrich: Nice right wing monster

Tony Blair PM: I'm tory plan B

Liberal Democrats: Creditable morals

The Republican Party: Breach planet purity

Osama Bin Laden: I be so damn anal
Osama Bin Laden: Mean as bad lion
Osama Bin Laden: A mean sand boil
Osama Bin Laden: An Islam bad one
Osama Bin Laden: A nomad be slain
Osama Bin Laden: Anal media snob.
Osama Bin Laden: Am a bold insane.
Osama Bin Laden: An SOB led mania.
Osama Bin Laden: A damn alien SOB.
Osama Bin Laden: A man, an SOB lied.
Kill Osama: Slim Koala

Christina Aguilera = Ugly Satanic Hair
Christina Aguilera: Unrealistic Air Hag

Lynard Skynard - "Sly, randy, drank"

Bing Crosby - "sobbing cry" (what his son did after he beat him)

Linkin park = rap ink link

Sheryl crow = her slow cry

missy Elliot = is silly to em

Sublime = bums lie

Spice Girls = Pig Slices
The Spice Girls: Crises Get Help

Beyonce Knowles - cowboy knee lens

Mandy Moore: Dreamy Moon

Britney Spears: Retypes Brains
Britney Spears Album - Presumably Bra in set

Michael Jackson: he can mock jails

Marilyn Manson- man, only in mars

Nothing compares to you: Hey, I'm not a poetry song

My heart will go on: Oily anthem growl

If I could turn back time: Doubtful I'm a nice track

Another day in paridise: Oh dear, insanity parade

Tainted Love: Violent date

The Simpson’s - Oh! Miss-spent

Three's Company =

The Brady Bunch = Chubby hat nerd

The Simpson's: Mesh Pistols
The Simpson’s = men’s hot piss

Buffy the vampire slayer: feverishly repay fat bum

Oprah winfrey = horrify, we nap

Will and Grace: Crawling Deal

The Addams Family: My dismal fathead

All in the family: Finally the mail

Doogie Howser MD: Gosh, weirdo mode

The golden girls: Still hog gender

Grace under fire: Fine career dung

Timon and Pumba: Dumb Patio Mann

hibernates: the bear's in

the answer: wasn't here

precaution: I put on care

no income: come on in


Microwave = Warm Voice

alot of beer= fool beater

You can tell I'm bored - emotionally curbed

Tickle my fancy - Mickey cant fly

Stairway to Heaven - Heavy Wire to Satan

Halloween - AWE HELL NO

Thanksgiving - SAVING KNIGHT

Christmas - MARCH SITS

Easter – Eaters

New Years Eve - WE ERASE ENVY

Trick or treat - RETRACTOR KIT

Fireworks – FRIES WORK

Anagram Site: mating areas
Anagram Site = Stigma Arena

Ladybug – bald guy

Telephone - HELEN POET

Pumpkin Pie - I’M PIPE PUNK

Winter wonderland - IN WENT A WORLD NERD

vegetarian - ate in grave

Chemistry - ****, me cry

Step Dad = Dad Pest

Erased, Over, Out = A true overdose

Microsoft Works = Crows Omit Forks

All rights reserved=gravest hell riders

Anorexic= Ex Air Con

Dire antidotes = disorientated

No admittance = contaminated

"LISTEN!" = silent

Dance Dance Revolution = uncoordinated valence

Telepathic = ethical pet

Bored dot com = doctored mob

Gold and Silver = Grand Old Evils

Smelly feet = see fly melt

Til’ death do us part = outlandish duet trap

Prostitute = tourist pet

Cats Meow = Cows Mate

Microsoft Windows = Sown in discomfort

Astronomer = moon starer

Year two thousand = a year to shut down

Magic tricks = grim sick act

Guinness draught = naughtiness drug

Liquor Store: Quit or loser

Nudist colony - Untidy colons

October Sky=Rocket Boys

The triads - **** trade

Men are swine- mean wieners

Friday Thirteen - Terrify Than Die

"Tasmania" - "I am Satan"


Spiro Agnew------- grow a penis

Enduring = nude grin

America - air came

Bad girls- glad ribs

The eyes: they see

Nazi arm tag - amazing art

Males never ask for directions: Keen
crisis of men's road travel

Circumstantial evidence: can ruin a selected victim

New York Times: monkeys write

Payment received: every cent paid me

A shoplifter: has to pilfer

Valentine Poems: pen mates in love

Tired nerves: Tense Driver

Prenatal: parental

The check is in the mail: claim "heck I sent it"

Clothespins: so lets pinch

Astronomers: moon starers

Fur Speaker = Super Freak

The Holy Bible = Be Hit By Hello

The Lord Is King = Knight Soldier

Unidentified flying object = Injecting fun toy disbelief

Flamethrower: oh, felt warmer

Laxative - exit lava

Action man: cannot aim

Christine - Nice Shirt