Monday, 28 January 2008

Hasbo and Mattel fight Facebook over Scrabulous

Hasbo and Mattel fight Facebook over Scrabulous.

Its been reported in various websites and blogs that Hasbro and Mattel have taken umbridge over Facebooks widget to play Scrabulous. Why i dont know just like a loss leader surely getting people who wouldnt have given Scrabble a second look into playing word games who may then go out and buy the real thing for themselves or others is a good thing.

As they say in advertising no publicity is bad publicity and Scrabulous just gave Scrabble a good name. Sometimes companies have their lawyers so far up there own backsides together with there own heads that they just cant see why helping to convert the quick finger textual generation into actually spelling words correctly and improving there English might actually be good for business in the long term, someones going to make a lot of money and it will usually be the lawyers who couldnt really care less as long as they get there cut.